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Seaguard Corrosion Protection Anodes

Select a category from below to explore our wide range of Corrosion Protection Anodes

ICCP Anodes

Seaguard HSCI tubular anode is excellent for cathodic protection of offshore platform, underground steel oil tube, underground cables, subsea pipelines, and much more.

Commercial Anodes

These include Sacrificial anodes, Heater Treather anodes and Magnesium Ribbon Anodes. Each are cricital components that protect your vessel from corrosion

In-Ground Anodes

These include both High-Potential Cast Magnesium and ZInc. They offer the greatest protection available today. Our Magnesium anodes are made of high-purity magnesium and produce an open circuit potential of 1.77-1.82 volts. While our Zinc anodes are the most effective choice for preventing corrosion on selected soils.

Martyr Marine Anodes

A low cost cathodic protection of ocean-going vessels, structures and equipment constructed of iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, and other metals.

HSCI Solid Stick Anode

Seaguard HSCI anodes for impressed current systems are inexpensive, stable, and resistant to acids and alkalis environments.

Zinc Caps

Our caps are made only from the highest purity zinc. They thread on for easy installation and protect flanges and mechanical joints.